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Why You Should Still Choose an Open Air Photo Booth

With every mention of a photo booth, comes the vision of a small box located in the mall that you squeeze into take two or three pictures. Those pictures would then print out as some blurry images on a small photo strip. Well times have certainly changed! We offer an open-air photo booth that's tons of fun and offers more space for you and your guest to take pictures.

The photos quality is superb as we use professional sub-dye printers to ensure your photos last forever and digital cameras and lighting to capture the moment. We customize the background of the photo booth start up screen with images that compliment the theme of your event.

We have a wide selection of props allowing your guests and friends to interact with one another, be creative and just flat out have a blast.

In short, there is no way you'd be disappointed! Try us out...Smile Social Photo Booth!!!

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